For those readers out there too young to remember, in the "Carnac the Magnificent" sketch from the old "Tonight Show", Johnny Carson used to divine the answser without having read the question. The question had been sitting in an envelope in a mayonnaise jar on Funk and Wagnell's porch since noon that day. Oh, go look it up on "You Tube".

Anyway, the answer to the aforementioned question is Uncle Daddy, aka Martin Brodeur. In probably the most tawdry scandal ever to hit NHL hockey, Marty Brodeur had an affair with his wife's brother's wife. When Marty's wife found out about the affair with her sister-in-law, she left Marty. You can't make stuff like this up. It sounds like a script for the CBC's recent soap opera, MVP: The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives.

But hell hath no fury like a women scorned. His then estanged wife, so the story goes, would call Marty and taunt him that she was sleeping around with players from oppostion teams during the playoffs. It bothered Marty so much, not, that he went on to win the Stanley Cup that year.

After his divorce became final, Brodeur married his former sister-in-law and has had children from that marriage. Ranger fans took Martin's situaton and turned it into one of their more creative chants since "Potvin Sucks" and  "Beat Your Wife, Potvin, Beat Your Wife". Marty Brodeur is now universally referred to as "Uncle Daddy" at Madison Square Garden. It's because his children don't know if he's their Uncle or their Daddy.

Customarily, hockey fans chant the goalie's name to deride him and put him off his game. So, Marty must endure "Uncle Daddy". But it doesn't stop there. Two seasons ago the Rangers defeated the Devils 5 games to 1, eliminating them from the playoffs. If you'll recall this was the series where the league had to quickly make up a new "Avery Rule" to combat the perfectly legal antics of that supreme superpest and Brodeur tormentor, Sean Avery.

When the series ended, Brodeur deliberately snubbed Avery in the handsake line. Avery then went on to refer to Brodeur as "Fatso" and berated him for his flagrant disregard for NHL tradition. Considering Brodeur was flopping around like a beached whale anytime Avery so much as breathed on him, one can see why "Uncle Daddy" would be bitter.

So, next time you watch a Rangers/Devils game on Versus and your are trying to figure out what the fans up in the Blue Seats in Madison Square Garden are chanting, now you'll know.