The Boston Junior Blackhawks are dedicated to moving players to college and the NAHL , being the only New England Junior team to have the # 1 pick overall in NAHL draft in 2001 Robbie Lalonde to moving over 35 players to the NAHL over the seasons. The road to the NA goes through Boston. The Blackhawks are the affiliates of the 3 time National Champion Texas Tornadoes and Coach Richie Salsman longtime Tornado scout for 11 years has seen many players advance.
Mike Sramek will report to Albert Lee Thunder after the Holidays and League leading IJHL scorer Joe Pannullo of St Louis is close to a callup with Texas. Former IJHL player Matt Kenline of the Maine Moose was directed to the NA before Texas's ownership change and played for Wichita Falls before accepting Salem States offer to play for legendary Bill O'Neil. The Road to the NAHL does go through Boston. Salsman also was instrumental in Ct.s Matt Nickerson decsion(5th Round Pick) now of the Dallas Stars playing in Texas as a 15 year old after much persistence to leave New England Junior hockey and pursue the NAHL.