Coach Bishop
What I Like...

A story in HS that bears watching:
The parity in NH division I hockey will lead to a great playoff tournament.

An influential person in my career: 
Bill Riley: I played for him at Lowell Tech and later coached with him at UMass Lowell where we won 3 NCAA championships.

A coaching strategy:
Develop a system that fits the skill set of the players on your team.

A way to practice: 
Situations, situations, and more situations.

A fantasy job:
US Olympic team

Player i've coached:
All the dedicated players Ive coached at Lehigh University, Austin Prep, U-Mass Lowell, and Bishop Guertin.

A college sports initiative:
Increase the number of teams in the NCAA hockey tournament.

About my job:
Thanks to Mark Mantone and Jim Egan for their loyalty and support.

What I don't like...

A hockey pet peeve:

Backhanded passes in the defensive zone.

In sports media:
Negative comments about HS players.

In HS hockey:
The Mercy rule in New Hampshire.

A hockey rule:
Shootouts at any level of play - The game's outcome should be decided by the team and not an individual.

In the direction of hockey:
Hockey is becoming cost prohibitive for many families.

What Id Like...

To see less of in HS hockey:
Inexperienced referees.

To reintroduce to HS hockey:
New England Tournament of Champions

To eliminate above all elsein HS hockey:
High sticks

About competing in New England hockey:
To compete with the Prep and Junior programs, we need to play more games with longer periods.

It is called Hockey Town...

NHL team:
Detroit Red Wings

Current players:
Sidney Crosby

Former players:
Gordie Howe

Bill Riley Jr.

Hockey Town:

Outdoor rinks in Detroit, MI.

Coaching memory:
Bishop Guertin State Championships in 2000,2001,2007, and 2008.

Classic Rock


The Dream Car (Maybe not this Corvette)
Sports Illustrated




Vacation spot:
Gunstock Mountain

Dream Car: