Varlamov Could Create The Perfect Storm For Washington
The wild roller coaster ride of the playoffs is in the first turn. It's fantastic to see the teams rebound and fight through the adversities.  

Momentum is key.  If it is lost, the best players and coaches know how to get it back.  Before momentum can be retrieved however, its loss must be felt. Having the right personnel on the ice is crucial. They can feel the shift in everything from emotion to demeanor, and in every moment determine who the best players are, using them in the most appropriate situations.   

In every second of every game match-ups are integral. You have limited to no control over delays, injuries, bad calls, TV-time-outs, and so on. You have control over match-ups and line changes. Take advantage of this.   The Boy Scout motto applies: Always be prepared!

If New York doesn't solve the 20-year-old net minder obstacle by next game, the momentum will stick with Washington. The Capitals will ride the wave of adrenalin. The Blue Shirts could drown.  

The Rangers have contained Ovechkin, but must find a way to beat rookie goalie Simeon Varlamov.  They scored only one goal in two games - and the goal scored was facilitated by a mistake made by Washington.

Backstrom is the key forward for Washington. The Rangers need to get aggressive to contain him.  If Backstrom gets space, he will beat his opponent every time.